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The Commencement of Luxe Amore Studio

Today, we have the pleasure of gaining more insight into Megan Scott, the visionary founder behind Luxe Amore Studio, a haven of holistic well-being nestled in the heart of Bristol.

Luxe Amore Studio - Founder & CEO - Megan Scott

Let's start from the beginning. What's the journey of Luxe Amore Studio?

Megan: While I was in college, I started to develop the idea for Luxe Amore Studio, but the concept had been brewing in my mind for a while. I've always had a strong desire to be my own boss, which I think stems from my parents. When I was a child, my family used to pass by a huge rundown building in Brislington, Bristol. I would daydream about owning it and turning it into a space with separate floors for hair, beauty, and holistic well-being. Since then, my vision has evolved, and I'm proud of what Luxe Amore Studio has become - a modern haven that embodies the essence of holistic well-being.

What is the meaning of Luxe Amore Studio for you?

Megan: At Luxe Amore Studio, we don't just see ourselves as a business. We see it as a beloved home and a peaceful sanctuary that provides comfort and solace. It's a dream that I had - a serene haven where moments can be cherished. Our establishment attracts like-minded individuals, and we are grateful to have remarkable clients as a result.

Luxe Amore Studio - Kingswood, Bristol

What motivated you to begin this journey?

Megan: During my time studying in the beauty industry, I became fully engrossed in this field. It all started when I took a course in makeup artistry and met Amy, our Studio Manager at Luxe Amore Studio. However, that path didn't feel like the right fit for us. I soon realised that my true passion lies in the ability to use touch and its incredible transformative effects. It's difficult to articulate just how much it impacts me, but the work we do is truly fulfilling.

What distinguishes your studio from others?

Megan: Our clients can attest to our commitment to providing a unique and enchanting experience. We take pride in offering holistic bodywork that is tailored to each individual's specific needs. We believe in personalisation and avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We have deliberately kept things simple, but effective, which has proven to be highly effective. You can trust that any treatment you book with us will be meticulously personalised, ensuring a unique and satisfying experience every time.

This journey began as a childhood dream, blossoming into a contemporary sanctuary of holistic well-being. The studio doesn't just offer services; it opens its doors to moments of serenity and tailored experiences, making each visit a cherished memory.


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