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Back to Basics

Luxe Amore Studio, Kingswood, Bristol

2020 will always be remembered as the year when the world came to a halt, and with much uncertainty on how we would manoeuvre forward, it presented an opportunity to unwind, reset and refocus. Since then, we have become aware of what our minds and bodies need to thrive. We've learnt to get rid of unnecessary things that do not serve us and to keep things simple. However, even with all that, life sometimes introduces new challenges, and we forget the core foundations needed for a balanced and healthy life.

To help us stay on track, here are five essential 'Back to Basics' steps that we adopted during 2020 and will continue to do in the new year.

Go For a Walk Outside

Daily 20-30-minute walks improve cardiovascular health and clear the mind. Explore new paths, connect with friends, or enjoy quiet moments alone. Be grateful for nature, fresh air, and exploring different areas.

Get More Sleep

Maintaining a reasonable bedtime can be challenging, especially for Netflix binge-watchers. Going to bed early for 7-8 hours of sleep enhances longevity, elevates mood, and reduces stress. A consistent sleep schedule also promotes productivity and motivation during the day.

Become a Home Cook

As restaurants and cafes closed, kitchen time increased. Cooking became therapeutic, allowing us to enhance our skills and try new recipes. Enjoy fun and rewarding moments creating delicious meals with family and friends. Get creative with fresh produce and ingredients from the pantry.


Keep a water bottle with you, whether you're out or at home, to help ensure you drink 2-3 litres per day.

Take Care of Your Skin

Good skin foundations include a diet rich in healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. Opt for hydrating water, such as spring water with a pH around 7. Maintain a simple and effective skincare routine. Keep it simple, and make sure you are doing the basics well.


We love using our restore massage ball for a self-body massage. Achieve a deep tissue massage that helps in reducing muscle soreness, increasing blood flow and improving flexibility.


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