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Founded by the renowned massage therapist Megan Scott. Luxe Amore Studio was established in 2019. From starting in her first salon at fifteen and becoming a spa manager by twenty-one, it was with a natural progression that Megan ventured into her dream world.


With a wealth of experience and continuous learning, a brand that inhabits wellness and brings moments of tranquillity in a busy world was formed. It is a place where Megan and her team deliver one-of-a-kind tailored experiences and unparalleled results.


This is your space as much as it is ours.

Luxe Amore Studio Founder Megan Scott
Shop Front Florist Display in Bristol, UK
Luxe Amore Studio - Award-winning Massage Centre in Kingswood, Bristol
Luxe Amore Studio - Award-winning Massage Centre in Kingswood, Bristol

Specialist in holistic bodywork & wellness

At Luxe Amore Studio, we offer a unique experience, not only one that has not been brought to Bristol before but from the contemporary design of the studio. Our treatments have been meticulously thought out and are tailored to your needs. We present a space where the outside noise is put on hold, aiming to relax and unwind the mind and the body. Luxe Amore Studio is known for delivering exceptional treatments, but we're remembered for the experience we create. 

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