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Stay Cool: Why a Heatwave Massage at Luxe Amore Studio is the Ultimate Summer Treat

As we all know, British weather can be unpredictable, but when the summer's scorching heat is in full swing, finding a cool oasis becomes essential. At Luxe Amore Studio, located at 47 High Street in Kingswood, we've created a haven designed for your comfort. Our contemporary rooms, farmhouse decor, aromatic composure, and breathable linens offer the perfect retreat from the unpredictable British summer.

Luxe Amore Studio - Kingswood, Bristol

Despite the intense heatwave, we strive to provide a comfortable experience for both you and our therapists in our studio. To achieve this, we have equipped a powerful fan to create a cool and refreshing environment during your visit.

Booking a massage treatment at Luxe Amore Studio can be the perfect solution to beat the heat this summer. Here are a few reasons why it's a favourite among our clients:

Stress alleviation

When navigating a busy and hot city, stress relief is essential. Massage is a proven way to alleviate tension, especially when extreme temperatures can cause even more stress. If you suffer from tension headaches, which can worsen due to the weather, a relaxing massage at Luxe Amore Studio can be the perfect solution for you to take care of your body and mind.

Reduced swelling

Swelling in limbs and joints can be caused by heat and humidity. However, a good massage can effectively improve blood flow and circulation, which helps to reduce fluid buildup and swelling in the body. This will leave you feeling more comfortable and refreshed.

Keep your pace

Getting a massage can help regulate heart rate and blood pressure, which tend to increase in hot weather. It has a calming effect that makes you feel more balanced and better able to deal with extreme temperatures.


No matter how you're coping with the heat, make Luxe Amore Studio a part of your heatwave routine. Experience the ultimate cool and relaxing escape as you indulge in a refreshing treatment tailored to beat the summer heat! Book your appointment


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