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Luxe Amore Profiles: Amy's Story

We had a conversation with studio manager Amy to discover her reasons for pursuing massage therapy, her choice of treatment for clients with no prior consultation form, and some words of inspiration for fellow therapists striving for success.

Luxe Amore Studio - Studio Manager - Amy

Can you share how massage therapy has benefited you and why you chose to pursue it as a career path?

I’ve always felt drawn to holistic therapy. I love the relaxation it gives me and that I can give that relaxation to others who need it. It's a very rehearsing career. I think at Luxe we all have magic hands and a healing touch. In my opinion, everyone can benefit emotionally as well as physically from massage therapy, myself included!

What do you enjoy most about working at Luxe Amore Studio?

The calmness I feel coming into work is unmatched! The studio has such a nice energy to it. I’ve never felt more relaxed and happy about coming to work.

If you had to select one treatment to perform on a client without conducting a prior consultation, which treatment would you choose and why?

The healer! Many people experience tension in their upper body. A soothing massage that flows from the back, neck, and shoulders to the scalp and face can help release this tension and promote deeper relaxation throughout the body.

Had the most amazing facial with Amy today. I came out of that studio a different person! Feel so relaxed and everything from start to finish was exceptional. Thank you. I will definitely be back.

What is it that clients love about Luxe Amore Studio?

I think the attention to detail is something a lot of clients mention. We do a few small but impactful things in our treatments that help to enhance our client's experience. From the way we start and finish our treatments to the little extras we add to the massage, the scents we use in our rooms, the low lighting, the cosy vibe and more. We really do ensure each and every client gets the full experience here at Luxe Amore Studio.

And lastly, what message do you have for the world and other therapists who aspire to succeed?

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and stressful, and it's important to take care of ourselves. Our mental and physical health should be a top priority. This advice applies to therapists as well, who often spend their days caring for others. While it's rewarding to help others, remember to take time for yourself too.


Are you interested in levelling up your business or taking your massage skills to the next level? Luxe Amore Studio has got you covered with consultations and workshops. Just take a peek at our upcoming dates for The Holistic Academy or see if we've got any open slots for a cosy one-on-one chat HERE


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